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Mythlore 91 Volume 24, Issue 1

Table of Contents

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King, Don W. "The Anatomy of a Friendship: The Correspondence of Ruth Pitter and C.S. Lewis, 1946-1962." 2-24.

Le Lievre, Kerrie Anne. "Wizards and Wainscots: Generic Structures and Genre Themes in the Harry Potter Series." 25-36.

Alexander, Joy. "The Whole Art and Joy of Words": Aslan's Speech in the Chronicles of Narnia." 37-48.

Healey, Kim Coleman. "Brothers of Perpetual Responsibility: Monasticism, Memory, and Penance in Cassutt, Donaldson, and Straczynski." 49-59.

Bowman, Mary R. "A Darker Ignorance: C.S. Lewis and the Nature of the Fall." 62-78.

Book Reviews

The Role of Imagination in Culture and Society: Owen Barfield's Early Work. Reviewed by David Lavery. 79-81.

To Michal from Serge: Letters from Charles Williams to His Wife Florence. Reviewed by Scott McLaren. 81-83.

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