Mythcon 34 - July 25-28, 2003

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Mythcon 34
From Athena to Galadriel:
The Image of the Wise Woman in Mythopoeic Fiction

Scarritt-Bennett Center
Nashville, Tennessee
July 25-28, 2003

From Athena to Galadriel:
The Image of the Wise Woman in Mythopoeic Fiction

Wisdom, both rational and intuitive, has often been symbolized by feminine figures, from Pallas Athene down to George MacDonald’s goddess-figures; Charles Williams’ Sibyl Coningsby; Tolkien’s Galadriel; C.S. Lewis’ Psyche; and others. We will consider these matters under the inspiration of Nashville’s Athena statue, recalling in its full stature and grandeur the original of Pheidias, and with the illumination furnished by two wise women.

Guests of Honor

Sherwood Smith, Author
Sherwood Smith is the prolific and award-winning author of the Crown Duel books, the Wren series and many other wonderful tales, and a long-time member of the Society's Council of Stewards. She will be our Writer Guest of Honor.

Dr. Dabney A. Hart, Scholar
Dr. Dabney Hart's dissertation, "C.S. Lewis's Defense of Poesie," was recommended for years by Prof. Clyde Kilby of Wheaton College as the best introduction to Lewis's literary work. Her 1984 book is titled Through the Open Door: A New Look at C.S. Lewis. She will be our Scholar Guest of Honor.


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Friday night through Sunday night $240/person (single occupancy, each two rooms sharing a bath). This rate includes meals from Friday dinner to Monday breakfast, and Sunday night's Banquet. Additional nights are available by arrangement.


Two meal packages are available. $95: this includes Friday dinner, Saturday breakfast, lunch and dinner, Sunday breakfast, lunch and Banquet, and Monday breakfast. $70: same meals without breakfasts. Banquet tickets only are $25. No meals will be sold at the door. All reservations must be made through the Mythcon committee. See registration form for address, or e-mail with inquiries.


Mythcon 34 Music City The Scarritt-Bennett Center (shouldn't that be "Sackville-Baggins" actually?) will house Conference attendees in attractive single rooms, each two sharing a bath. The Center is located on a green, tree-filled campus which also holds the "In Defense of Creation" organic garden -- prime Entwife territory. All facilities are air-conditioned, and our main meeting place, the Laskey Library, will offer its own displays and gift shop, in addition to Mythcon's dealer tables and Art Show. In addition, a tour of the Nashville Parthenon is planned, and a lecture unpacking Athena by Dr. David Armstrong (University of Texas). Banquet; Dealers' Room; Art Show; speeches from our Guests of Honor; panels and papers throughout; presentation of the 2003 Mythopoeic Awards for Fantasy and Scholarship.

We will be offering our usual Mythcon mix of good scholarship, good fellowship, and fun. And the Not-Ready-for-Mythcon Players will have an unusually good opportunity to dress up in sheets (a truly classic event)!

For more information on the Nashville area:
Nashville and Environs, an idiosyncratic Guide by Diamond Proudbrook

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