Mythcon 37 - August 4-7, 2006

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Mythcon 37
The Map & The Territory:
Maps and Landscapes in Fantasy

University of Oklahoma
Norman, Oklahoma
August 4-7, 2006

The Map & The Territory: Maps and Landscapes in Fantasy

What role do maps and landscapes play in fantasy? Is drawing the map necessarily an early part of the subcreative process? How do fantasists go about creating the worlds in which their stories take place? Sometimes it's said that the landscape is a character in the story—what does this mean? Sometimes maps play an important role in the story itself. Maps also provide an opportunity for "other minds and hands" to fill in the blanks left in an author's subcreated world. Native American characters frequently appear in fantastic fiction—how are they portrayed, and what role(s) do they play? Consider fantasies based on native myths and legends and/or fantasy written by Native American authors…what sources and philosophies do they bring to the field of fantasy?


Guests of Honor

Lois McMaster Bujold, Author


Amy H. Sturgis, Scholar

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While you’re on campus, be sure to see: Maps and brochures are available for self-guiding walking tours of the campus, with a focus on our wonderful sculptures, architecture, and gardens.

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