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Table of Contents

Magical Genders: The Gender(s) of Witches in the Historical Imagination of Terry Pratchett’s Discworld
— Lian Sinclair

“Because I’m a Girl, I Suppose!”: Gender Lines and Narrative Perspective in Harry Potter
— Melanie J. Cordova

Constructing Lothíriel: Rewriting and Rescuing the Women of Middle-earth From the Margins
— Karen Viars and Cait Coker

Brienne of Tarth and Jaime Lannister: A Romantic Comedy Within HBO’s Game of Thrones
— Inbar Shaham

Isn’t it Romantic? Sacrificing Agency for Romance in The Chronicles of Prydain
— Rodney M.D. Fierce

Tolkien Sidelined: Constructing the Non-Combatant in The Children of Húrin
— Victoria Holtz-Wodzak

St. Jerome’s Narnia: Transformation and Asceticism in the Desert and Beyond the Wardrobe
— John Gavin, S.J

Tolkien’s Dialogue Between Enchantment and Loss
— John Rosegrant

Chaoskampf, Salvation, and Dragons: Archetypes in Tolkien’s Earendel
— Tibor Tarcsay



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