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Mythlore 130 Volume 35, Issue 2

Spring/Summer 2017     (purchase below)

Table of Contents

— Janet Brennan Croft

“Time to Prepare a Face”: Mythology Comes of Age
— Andrew Lazo

To Grow Together, or To Grow Apart: The Long Sorrow of the Ents and Marriage in The Lord of the Rings.
— Nicole duPlessis

“Enough about Whores”: Sexual Characterization in A Song of Ice and Fire.
— Joseph Young

“It Had Been His Virtue, and Therefore Also the Cause of His Fall”: Seduction as a Mythopoeic Accounting for Evil in Tolkien’s Work.
— Maria Alberto

The Name of the Ring: or, There and Back Again.
— Janet Brennan Croft

Tolkien’s Allusive Backstory: Immortality and Belief in the Fantasy Frame.
— Wayne A. Chandler and Carrol L. Fry

Utopia in Deep Heaven: Thomas More and C.S. Lewis’s Cosmic Trilogy
.— Benjamin C. Parker

From the Ineluctable Wave to the Realization of Imagined Wonder: Tolkien’s Transformation of Psychic Pain into Art.
— John Rosegrant

A Common Language of Desire: The Magicians, Narnia, and Contemporary Fantasy.
— Kelly Kramer


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