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The Mythic Circle: History & Back Issues

Founded in 1987 by Sherwood Smith and Lynn Maudlin, The Mythic Circle started as a quarterly ’zine designed to function as a writers’ workshop in print and featured a very active letters column. After several years the enthusiastic submissions of aspiring writers and the challenge of publishing on a quarterly schedule took their toll, and the ’zine finally became an annual publication.

We have online Table of Contents for some of our back issues (see links, below); we published our most recent issue, The Mythic Circle 42, in September of 2020.

Ordering back issues

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Upcoming Issue: The Mythic Circle 42, summer 2020: $8.00, print

The Mythic Circle 1-7, 1987-88: $3.50, print

Early Mythic Circles

The Mythic Circle 8-12, 1989-93: $5.00-6.50, print

Mythic Circle back issues

The Mythic Circle 13-22, 1990-99: $6.50, print

Mythic Circle back issues

The Mythic Circle 23-32, 2000-2010: $8.00, print

Mythic Circle, #23-32

The Mythic Circle 33-42, 2011-2020: $8.00, print

Mythic Circle, #33-42

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