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Mythlore 12 Volume 3, Issue 4     (purchase below)

1976 June, 39 pages

Table of Contents


Harwood, A.C. “A Toast to the Memory of C.S. Lewis.” 3-5.

Hooper, Walter. “Reminiscences.” 5-9.

Chapman, Ed. “Toward a Sacramental Ecology: Technology, Nature and Transcendence in C.S. Lewis’s Ransom Trilogy.” 10-17.

Bisenieks, Dainis. “A Postscript on Kenneth Morris (1879-1937).” 17.

Lindskoog, Kathryn. “C.S. Lewis: Reactions from Women.” 18-20.


Christopher, Joe R. “Jung’s Journey through Hell, Purgatory and Heaven.” Review of Dark Wood to White Rose: A Study of Meanings in Dante’s Divine Comedy by Helen M. Luke. 21-22.

Colvin, George. “Chronicles of Christ and Constantine.” Review of The Singer by Calvin Miller and The Emperor Constantine: A Chronicle by Dorothy L. Sayers. 22-24.

Patterson, Nancy-Lou. “Decisions & Wizards.” Review of Mithrandir and Middle Earth: A World in Conflict by Stephen O. Miller. 24-25.

GoodKnight, Glen H. Editorial. 26.

Letters. 27+.

Christopher, Joe R. “An Inklings Bibliography (1).” 30.


Bonnie GoodKnight 9, 10, 18; Photographs: 3, 4, 7
Tim Kirk 2
Taral Wayne MacDonald 13, 14, 15
Valerie Protopapas 17, 22, 23, 25, 27
Roberta Weiner 21
Deb Webber Letter on 27

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