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Books for Review & Reviewer Guidelines

Books available for review in Mythlore are currently listed on our Facebook Mythlore page under Other Posts.

Mythlore Reviewer Guidelines

Mythlore reviewers should be familiar with the journal’s statement of editorial purpose (reproduced below). Sample reviews may be found on the journal’s website.

Items for review in Mythlore may be solicited by the editor, sent on spec by the publisher, or suggested to the editor by a potential reviewer. We do not accept unsolicited reviews; all items for review must be approved by the editor in advance.

We review books and other items in the following categories:
We do NOT review:
The book you review is yours to keep if you wish. You may find that a book you have agreed to review is not, in your opinion, worth reviewing; in this case, please contact me and we will decide if it should go on to another reviewer or simply not be reviewed.


Reviews should generally be over 500 words but less than 5000. At the beginning of your review, include information about the book in the following format:

BUFFY AND THE HEROINE’S JOURNEY: VAMPIRE SLAYER AS FEMININE CHOSEN ONE. Valerie Estelle Frankel. Jefferson NC: McFarland, 2012. 226 p. 9780786467921. $35.00.

If you include quotes in your review, please use MLA style with parenthetical page citations. If you quote from sources other than the book under review, include a bibliography at the end in MLA style. (For more details, see the Mythlore Style Sheet.)

Please also include an up-to-date “about the reviewer” paragraph.


By submitting a review to Mythlore, you agree to the following:

While a completed review may be submitted at any time, reviews for the spring issue must be received before February 25 and for the fall issue before August 25. A proof of your review will be sent to you by the end of March or September and should be reviewed in a timely fashion as the journal goes to press April 1 and October 1. Completed reviews should be submitted through our online editorial management system.


All reviews published in Mythlore must adhere to the publications Statement of Editorial Purpose, which can be found on the Mythlore Submissions page.

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