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Mythlore Style Sheet

MLA Style

All in-text citations and your works-cited list should conform to MLA style. See the current MLA Handbook 8th ed. (2016) for complete details.

Works Cited/Bibliography

In MLA style, short citations in the text refer the reader to a bibliography at the end of the work. Any full citations in your text should be replaced with abbreviated citations and moved to your bibliography. Use MLA format (with year at the end rather than after the author) for works cited list. MLA 8th no longer requires the place of publication for most publishers, and has changed the abbreviations used in citing periodical articles:


Use footnotes, not endnotes. Use Arabic numerals. Citations within footnotes should also be in MLA format, and cited materials should appear in your bibliography.

Additional Mythlore Style Points

Style sheet updated 7/6/2016

Please give all your quotations and your works cited another check for accuracy. It can be surprising how many transcription errors you see after being away from a paper for a while!

Editor of Mythlore

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