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Mythlore 141 Volume 41, Issue 1

Fall/Winter 2022     (purchase below)

Table of Contents

— Janet Brennan Croft

Notes of an Inklings Scholar: Musings on Myth and History, Promises and Secrecy, Ethical Reviewing, and the Limits of Authorial Intent
— David Bratman

David Lindsay’s The Violet Apple
— Eric Wills

History in the Margins: Epigraphs and Negative Space in Robin Hobb’s Assassin’s Apprentice
— Matthew Oliver

Echoing Ecopoetics: Fantasy Literature’s Background Sounds
— Catherine Olver

“Read this Book, and You Will Find All the Grand and Marvelous Things to be Found”: A Song of Ice and Fire and Medieval Travelogues
— Elisabeth Brander

Haunted Manikins and the Hero(es) Within: The Modern Romantic Hero as the Divinely Inspired Person Inside the Personality
— Mikaela von Kursell

“Delight in Horror”: Charles Williams and Russell Kirk on Hell and the Supernatural
— Camilo Peralta

Tellers of Dark Fairy Tales: Common Themes in the Works of Terence Fisher and C.S. Lewis
— G. Connor Salter

“What Happened to Battles are Ugly Affairs?”: Fighting Girls in the Films The Chronicles of Narnia, Chapters 1, 2, and 3
— Anne-Frédérique Mochel-Caballero

“The Evil Side of Heroic Life”: Monsters and Heroes in Beowulf and The Hobbit
— Catherine Hall

Goddess and Mortal: The Celtic and the French Morgan Le Fay in Tolkien’s Silmarillion
— Clare Moore

“Well, I’m Back”: Samwise Gamgee and the Future of Tolkien’s Literary Pastoral
— MG Prezioso



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