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Mythlore 20 Volume 6, Issue 2     (purchase below)

1979 Spring, 47 pages

Table of Contents


Wallace, James P. “Notes on Parzifal as the Holy Fool.” 3-6.

Brenion, Antoinette H. “Heraldry in the Arthuriad: A Brief Survey.” 7-9.

Slater, Ian Myles. “Bibliographic Note to ‘Heraldry in the Arthuriad: A Brief Survey.’” 9, 38.

St. Clair, Gloriana.” The Lord of the Rings as Saga.” 11-16.

Kawano, Roland M. “C.S. Lewis and the Transcendence of Irony.” 17-20.

Patterson, Nancy-Lou. “The Jewels of Messias: Images of Judaism and Antisemitism in the Novels of Charles Williams.” 27-31.

Pace, David Paul. “The Influence of Vergil’s Aeneid on The Lord of the Rings.” 37-38.


McMurdo, Ian. “Lion of Judah.” 24.

Boenig, Robert. “Launcelot Running.” 36.


Letters. 21+.

Ellwood, Gracia Fay. Editorial. 26.

Patterson, Nancy-Lou. “Wild Lemon and Cotton Candy.” Review of A Severe Mercy by Sheldon Vanauken. 32.

Patterson, Nancy-Lou. “Leafing through Lewis.” Review of The Joyful Christian by C.S. Lewis. 32.

Ellwood, Robert S., Jr. “Histories of Two Realms.” Review of Science Fiction: An Illustrated History by Sam J. Lundwall; The Fantasy Book: An Illustrated History from Dracula to Tolkien by Franz Rottensteiner. 33.

Patterson, Nancy-Lou. “Light-Weight Lightening.” Review of Lightening From a Clear Sky by Richard Mathews. 34.

Patterson, Nancy-Lou. “A Ring of Inklings.” Review of The Inklings by Humphrey Carpenter. 34.

Nicholson, Daile. “Halfway to Narnia: Television Tames Aslan.” Review of The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe, Bill Melendez Productions, 1979. 35.

Christopher, Joe R. “An Inklings Bibliography (9).” 40-46.

Speth, Lee. Cavalier Treatment: “A Connecticut Yankee in Gormanghast.” 46-47.


Elizabeth Best 10
Louis D. Dwarshuis 14
Stephen P. Gaddis back cover
Joanne Gari 16
Mary Jane Johnson 29, 35, 42, 45
Tim Kirk cover
Michael Logan 24-25* (art, calligraphy); Calligraphy: 36
Thadara Ottobris 5, 6, 41
John Pivovarnick 12, 24-25* (art), 28
Valerie Protopapas 8, 9, 13, 19, 31, 33
Susie Radiche 20
S. Ronson 4
Lee Speth 22
  • Cover: Tim Kirk, “The Old Hermit” from The Wood Beyond the World.
  • Back Cover: Stephen P. Gaddis, “Riding the Hippogriff.”
  • Page 10: Elizabeth Best, “Eowyn at Meduseld.”
  • Page 31: Valerie Protopaps, “Gandalf.” Reprinted from Frodo Fortnightly #50 by permission of the National Tolkien League.

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