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Mythlore 92 Volume 24, Issue 2

Table of Contents

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Robinson, Karen D. "His Dark Materials: A Look into Pullman's Interpretation of Milton's Paradise Lost." 2-16.

Christopher, Joe R. "A Note on Charles Williams's Phillida." 18-23.

Harwood, Larry D. "Lewis's Screwtape Letters: The Ascetic Devil and the Aesthetic God." 24-34.

Hannon, Patrice. "The Lord of the Rings as Elegy." 36-42.

Williams, Donald T. "A Larger World: C.S. Lewis on Christianity and Literature." 43-55.

Croft, Janet Brennan. "The Young Perish and the Old Linger, Withering": J.R.R. Tolkien on World War II." 58-71.

Arnell, Carla. "So Familiar, yet So Strange: Mythic Shadows of the Medieval Gawain Romance in Iris Murdoch's Green Knight." 72-86.

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