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2021 Virtual "Halfling" Mythcon Announced AND our LAST Mythopoeic Nostalgia Sale:

Posted on May 7, 2021
by Lynn Maudlin

Because New Mexico is among the 'most locked-down' states, the Mythcon committee realized they couldn't actually move forward with plans for an in-person Mythopoeic Conference in 2021 because the rules and regulations under which they would be required to function aren't yet known, making it an impossibility. The good news is that our hotel in Albuquerque is giving us the same weekend in 2022 (the new dates are July 29 - August 1, 2022) and improved room rates! So Mythcon 51 has become Mythcon 52 and we are having a Virtual Halfling Mythcon on July 31 - August 1, 2021.

Memberships in the original Mythcon 51 have been automatically transferred to Mythcon 52 (same conference, same GOHs, same location, same weekend, DIFFERENT year!) - if you cannot attend Mythcon 52 please request a refund of your membership. Thus everybody needs to register for Mythcon 51 at the flat rate of $20 per person. We also invite you to consider fun and creative ways to participate in this year's Virtual Halfling Mythcon
And finally, our LAST Mythopoeic Nostalgia Sale: As we experience ongoing Mythopoeic nostalgia, waiting for our twice-delayed in-person Mythcon, the Mythopoeic Press has announced one last Mythopoeic Nostalgia Sale, offering Tolkien on Film for 25% off (total $14.95, normally $19.95) when purchased through our website at our Mythopoeic Press page (

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