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Mythcon 51

July 31 - August 1, 2021 (Saturday and Sunday)

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Progress Report

Get ready for Mythcon 51, the first Mythcon where you don’t have to leave your house to go “there and back again.” This year we are scheduling over 50 events, including papers, panels, roundtables, and alternative programming such as games and watch parties, over the course of our two-day conference.


All conference times will be written in Mountain US Time Zone (UTC −07:00) as the default, but Time Zone calculators will be included wherever possible: look for “What time is that for me?” links.

Programming of some kind will run Saturday and Sunday from 9:00am to 9:00pm both days to accommodate people from all corners of the globe, with the more formal programming from 10am to 5pm. We hope you’ll attend what you can!

What time is the conference for me?

Important times to get on your calendar now include:

Zoom: This Year’s Virtual Conference Medium

Many of us got very familiar with Zoom over the past year. Whether we like it or not, it has become the most widely used platform for virtual conferencing, and the Mythopoeic Society has joined the twenty-first century in purchasing a Pro suite for this conference.

We have organized the conference into several “tracks”—just like you’d have different “rooms” where you would attend programming at an in-person conference. For this conference, this means you will get several Zoom links as stand-ins for the different rooms, and you’ll pop in and out of them depending on the programming you’re interested in.

Learn more about Zoom here.

Discord: This Year’s Virtual Conference “Space”

The Mythopoeic Society has had our own server on Discord since 2020. For this conference, we will add Conference-Only areas that only registered members can see.

So, instead of checking into a physical hotel, check out our Discord server!

You can do so at any time before the conference, giving yourself plenty of time to get comfortable with the “space.” Follow this link: and sign up for the free application. It can run in a browser or be downloaded as an app for mobile or computer. If you have any trouble with the invite, you can contact any of the Mythsoc Stewards (Alicia Fox-Lenz or Megan Abrahamson will be your best bet).

You can attend this conference without getting involved in the Discord. Registered members will be sent the same Zoom links and the times when to log in for programming they are interested in. Only a very little alternative/evening programming such as watch parties and games will be Discord-only and inaccessible through Zoom.

However, we think Discord will make Mythcon 51 a much richer experience. Discord users will be able to converse in between panels, either chatting by instant message text or by opening up a video chat with friends, while Zoom-only users will have to “vacate” the space after their panel, paper, or roundtable. Discord users can share links, continue conversations or start new ones, and get reminders in real time about when panels are beginning. In short, you don’t have to join us on Discord, but we hope you will.

Learn more about Discord here.

Other changes due to the Virtual Model

We are introducing a new model of Panels this year which we are calling “Roundtables.” These were designed to provide more active programming options mixed in with the passive listening and asking maybe one question at the end model.

These Roundtables will encourage audience participation, and will be discussion-driven rather than presentation-driven. If you show up to a topic labeled “Roundtable,” you can expect to be asked to weigh in—what a great way to talk with fellow Mythies we haven’t seen in over a year!

Additionally, formal papers and panels will be asked to keep their programming to under an hour, ideally 45 minutes. This is to try to reduce that “Zoom fatigue” we’ve all been battling, and many of us continue to battle!

Preparing for Mythcon 51

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