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Thought-Provoking and Respected Publications

Our reviews quarterly Mythprint (free with membership) keeps readers up to date on newly published fantasy literature, films and academic titles. Members also receive the Annual Report and Member Directory. The peer-reviewed journal Mythlore features scholarly articles on mythopoeic literature. Our annual literary magazine, Mythic Circle, publishes new fiction, art and poetry with mythopoeic themes. The Mythopoeic Press publishes both scholarly editions of literary works and critical essays. The Society also produces specialized works on Tolkien’s invented languages and other topics. Members receive advance notice of new publications and special discounted rates.

Outstanding Conferences

Our annual conference (Mythcon) encourages scholars, authors, and readers to exchange ideas and share their insights and love of mythopoeic literature. Guests of Honor have included authors such as Neil Gaiman, Ursula K. Le Guin, and Tim Powers, as well as noted scholars such as Michael Drout, Verlyn Flieger, Douglas Anderson and Christopher Tolkien. As a small conference, we enjoy an intimacy with our guests that most conferences cannot provide. The Society has been instrumental in the development and encouragement of young scholars. There is a special award for best student paper at Mythcon, and funding to help “starving scholars” defray conference costs. Society members receive big discounts on registration and can share in other benefits.

Literary and Scholarly Awards

Our Society’s book awards nominees are selected by our members. Society members can nominate books for the Mythopoeic Fantasy Awards for both adults and children or for the Mythopoeic Scholarship Awards in Inklings Studies and Myth and Fantasy Studies. Society members may also serve on the juries to review nominees and select winners.

Communities of Readers and Scholars

Society members share their love and scholarly interests in fantasy literature through organized discussion groups in various regions across the United States. They can also join an email discussion group, connect through our Facebook group, follow us on Twitter, or use other social media options. From our Members page you can link to your own web site or blog.

Keeping the Mythopoeic Flame Alive

The Mythopoeic Society (founded in 1967) is one of the oldest organizations extant for those interested in fantasy and its study and appreciation. Though we have made impressive contributions to Mythopoeic Studies, we have always been a small nonprofit, run totally by unpaid volunteers. Without memberships, we’d cease to exist. We cover all the Inklings. We welcome scholars from a variety of disciplines, independent scholars, and anyone who reads and loves fantasy literature. As a member you can have influence on the direction of the Society by voting on its leadership – or become part of that leadership yourself.

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