David Almond, Skellig. Delacorte Press, 1998. ISBN 0525461213, hc, $16.99.

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Reprinted from the April 2000 issue of Mythprint (Volume 37:4, Whole No. 217).

Reviewed by Laura Krentz

Michael’s family has just moved into a house that is not in very good condition. The garage, or shed, out back is even worse. In the dilapidated garage, Michael hears movement, and digging through the dirt and junk, he finds a creature that seems to be part man and part bird or angel. He and his new friend Mina, who loves anything with wings, visit Skellig and bring him food (Chinese take-out, drink (brown ale), and medicine (cod liver oil capsules). Michael’s baby sister is ill and may be dying, but an operation might help her. As the children get to know and help Skellig, they have some magical moments together. And somehow Skellig is able to help the baby, too. Told in lyrical prose, this unusual tale has a magic of its own.

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