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We have tried to make a single site serve visitors using both computers and personal devices such as tablets and smart phones. Please email webmaster @ if you have problems and we will try to address them.

Using a computer, the stationary menus on the left side of the page can be clicked directly or, for most links, there are related drop-down choices which can also be clicked. In the smaller viewport and touch-based devices, the drop-down menus aren't functional, so click through and the choices which would be available via the drop down menu appear on the primary or "overview" page.

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  • Links to MythSoc social media sites, etc.
  • News Archive
    • Links to press releases and news items
  • Reviews
    • Individual links to book reviews (nearly 300)



  • Links to awards by year, by category, and remarks by recipients

Please note: the menus are tailored to the page category; this is the generic menu order.

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